Robotic Fiesta - Summer Robotic Camp

Robotic Fiesta - Summer Robotic Camp was organized for students of class 6 to 9 from 20 May 2019 to 25 May 2019.41 students from these classes attended the camp which was organized in collaboration with STEMROBO Technologies. Students were introduces to various equipment of robotics and electronics .They learnt to make circuits using breadboard, LEDs. They also learnt to use Sensors in circuits along with programming it. They worked on Arduino Uno board to design a Line Follower .Students of Class 6 and 7 learnt to develop games like apple catching game using specialized software . Each student also received take-home kit which included all the components used by them during the activities.

1st Prize in Quest 2019

Siddhant Bansal ( X-B) and Kritika Sharma (X-E) secured Ist position in “Quest 2019’ ,Inter school competition organised at Kulachi Hansraj Model School,Ashok Vihar on 3rd May 2019.Objective of the event was to showcase innovations designed by students on Waste Recycling.Each team of student sent a video to highlight their idea for the first round.Only top 10 ideas were selected to be exhibited on the event day.Our students represented their idea in form of “I-bin” - an intelligent Waste segregator that is capable of segregating waste on the basis of its types with help of sensors.Also, the bin can be automated and made environmental friendly by running it using Solar Energy. The efforts put in by students were well appreciated by Judges and visitors.Students were awarded with Certificate of appreciation and prize.

EXPO -2019

Expo-2019 was organised on 27 April 2019. The theme for ATL was ‘Auto Tech Home’.Students presented their version of a Smart home during the event.Students prepared prototypes of appliances that they want to install in their smart home.The prototypes ranged from Home Automation system to Automatic Curtain Opener.They also automated fans and tube lights of the lab with voice control.They created an improvised version of Google Alexa which was well appreciated by guests.The students successfully designed an automated cleaning robot and a smart dustbin equipped with sensors. The event was visited by Mr.Anshul,Head- Asia -Pacific ,Danish Water Forum and Prof R.P.Tulsian along with other guests.The guests appreciated efforts put in by students and motivated them to achieve success.

ATL Community Day 2019

To celebrate birth anniversary of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, Community Day was organised in Atal Tinkering Lab on 12 April 2019. More than 80 Students from Sarvodaya Vidyalaya,D.A.V Public School,Rohini and NGO Nanhe Pakshi joined the celebrations.The students were introduced to the concept of ATL and tinkering.They also performed many activities.Each group of student worked with waste Newspapers to design and create structure of  a bridge that is stable and sturdy to hold good amount of weight.It was followed by designing an LED Card.They learnt about the components used to create a circuit to glow LED in the card.Students also worked on DIY Robotics Kit i.e Robotronics Full E-Series Kit.They got acquainted with the components of the kit with their function followed by designing a four wheel base with it.
A project showcase of projects developed by students in ATL was also organised.Participating students visited project showcase and appreciated efforts of students of host school.Their eagerne…