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Visit by Russian Delegation

Teachers and students of Aban School 3,Russia visited ATL at DLDAVMS. Our students showcased prototypes developed by them at the lab and interacted with the guests.Their prototypes and efforts were well appreciated  by the guests.

Selection for CBSE National Science Exhibition

Prototype "I-Bin" developed by Siddhant Bansal and Kritika of Class 9 has qualified for the National level of CBSE Science Exhibition.The project based on concept of "Waste Segregation" received appreciation from judges at the Regional Science Exhibition held at The Heritage School,Rohini on 18-19 January 2019.
Efforts made by students and teacher were appreciated by Principal ma'am.

Innovation Festival 2019

A proud moment for DLDAV Model School, Pitam Pura

Two prototypes developed by students of D.L.D.A.V Model School,Pitam Pura have been shortlisted to be showcased in Innovation Festival -2019 to be held at National Science Centre, New Delhi in February 2019. Gautam Gupta of Class 8 has designed “Gesture Controlled Glove” and Lakshay Gupta of class 9 has designed “Smart Wheelchair”. They will be exhibiting their project under the events “Innovation fair” and “Creative Robo Design”. Their project is among only 40 prototypes selected for the event. We sincerely thank Respected Principal ma'am for never ending support and guidance.

Regional CBSE Science Exhibition 2018-19

A proud moment for DLDAVMS
Projects made by student have been selected for display at Regional Science Exhibition being held at The Heritage School, Rohini. Two prototypes designed by student are being showcased.
1.Traffic Density Controller and Smart Ambulance (Sub-Category Transport and Communication) –The prototype aims to ease out current traffic scenario by monitoring the density of traffic on roads and managing the traffic signals according to the density. Traffic Signals can be controlled by Ambulance to clear its path.

2. Intelligent Bin (I-Bin) (Sub Category – Waste Management) –The prototype deals with issue of waste segregation with the help of sensors. It is able to segregate waste into wet, dry and metal category.

Their efforts were highly appreciated by Respected Principal Ma'am Ms. Anita Wadehra.

The World of 3D Printing

ATL provides ample opportunities to students to explore new spheres. Students of class 9 and 10 were introduced to the world of 3D printing. They learnt and designed the desirable products using TinkerCad.They were introduced to the software TinkerCad that can be used to design 3D objects.Tools and options that can be used for designing were explained in detail.They were guided to design a Keychain with their name.Also,They were given challenges to design certain objects exploring toos in software.The sessions enlightened them with new vistas.

Participation at National Level of IRC League Season 9

Four Students of Class VIII and IX participated in National Level of IRC League Season 9 held at Thayagraj Stadium,Delhi on 15 and 16 December 2018.They also particpated in the Flag March during the inaugral Ceremony of the event.
The team "Four Primes" compete with other teams at middle level and were well appreciated for their performance.They were awarded with Certificate of Participation.

IInd Position at IRC Qualifiers

Students of D.L.D.A.V Model School bring laurels for the school by securing IInd Position in IRC Qualifier held at Bal Bahrti Public School,Dwarkaon 22 November 2018.Three teams from the school participated in the Junior and Middle level of the competition.Tem “The Four Primes’ participate in Middle level and were invited to participate in National Level of the International Robotronics Competition (IRC) organized by Avishkar Box.The  participants of the Winning team  were
1.Lakshay Gupta - IX-G 2.Swayam Arora - VIII-H 3.Krish Garg  - VIII-H 4.Ayush Yadav - VIII-E
Their efforts were well appreciated by Respected Principal Ma'am.